The key to improve communication at the hospital is patient input

Hospitals across the world are consistently looking for ways to improve quality and safety when it comes to patients.

According to a new I-HOPE study, led by Dr. Luci Leykum, of UT Health San Antonio believe it can be bottled down to one thing - communication.

Studies before showed that while health care providers are skilled to provide health information, they still lack the feedback necessary from patients to understand things and ideas such as treatment plans.

But communication between patient and doctors can be crucial when it comes to treating options and thus, ensues the relevance of results.

Effectively being able to train staff to improve care quality and patient/patient relation is critical, as the number of training and education on quality within professional organization employees is low, according to a inaugural survey back in February.

In fact, only 33 percent of respondents said all staff receive training and education on quality within their healthcare organization.