Why google search is not your doctor

If you're like myself, at one point or another, you've gotten sick and went to Google to type in your symptoms to see what you have. and it turns out, you either have a few days left, or you're becoming a superhero. (Please let it be the superhero!)

It's ok if that has been you, as I'm sure millions of people do every single day.

But take it from Doctor Bert Mandelbaum in his article published on U.S. News, "there is unfortunately no medical degree required to publish seemingly authoritative 'medical information' to a plethora of websites."

Dr. Mandelbaum insists that if you search the internet for any type of condition or symptom, to first make sure you are seeking reputable sources and information. By doing so, he claims you can find almost any type of association of doctors online that are experts in the field associated with your symptom or injury. Those are the best search engines to go to and look for when you have any questions.

But even with that, Dr. Mandelbaum says that every situation is so unique that it is still virtually impossible to get an expert diagnosis without the evaluation of a physician.

Now he goes on to add that doctors are not always perfect and that there have been cases where people have researched online and found life-threatening diseases they possessed, but claims that if you feel like something could be seriously wrong, to schedule an appointment to see an expert instead of trying to search the internet for possible reliable information to help you with your situation.

Moral of the story - don't rely on the internet for accurate medical information and diagnostics. (Unless you think you're think you're becoming a superhero. because that would be awesome!)