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The HORIZON DAY-ONE Billing System is beneficial for medical providers of all sizes and specialties. It combines the advanced integrated healthcare solutions of the HORIZON & Availity billing/clearinghouse applications with our professional healthcare financial management and experienced HFM staff.


Choosing to use the HORIZON-DAY-ONE billing service eliminates the need for you as a healthcare provider to purchase costly software. It also frees up your staff and clinical space for provider care only. You'll no longer have to allocate clinical space for billing operations.


The comprehensive reporting feature allows anytime online access to your data via a secured internet connection. From home or office - you or your administrator - can assess all your practice A/R data remotely. All patient accounting information is HIPAA compliant, secure, and always backed-up to off-site disaster recover servers.


In addition, HORIZON-DAY-ONE features clearinghouse interfaces which edit claims to ensure they are submitted free from errors resulting in undesired insurance carrier rejection. Back-end medical billing office functions such as account follow-up, statement generation; cashiering services including electronic payment posting from direct-interface equipped carriers, and report generation are provided as well.

Horizon is uniquely positioned to become your healthcare management partner by employing customized solutions utilizing leading-edge technology and our experienced management team. Horizon Financial Management is strategically positioned to assist you in providing optimized revenue, and a positive experience for your patients. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maintain an extremely efficient healthcare management system.


  • A/R Patient Summary/Rendering Provider

  • Balance Summary

  • Physician Referral Summary

  • Procedure Frequency & Viability Analysis

  • Facility & POS Statistics

  • Denial Tracking

  • Patient Account Notes & Summary

  • Patient Clinical Data

  • Client Inventory Reports

  • Cancellations and Demand Recall reports

  • Placement, Listings and Acknowledgement Reports

  • Recovery and Collection Reports

  • Status and Dispostion Reports

  • Progress Reports

  • Transaction Detail, Summary, and History Reports

  • Dailar Activty and Call Reports

  • Recover Slope/Collection Window Reports

  • Campaiagn Statistics Reports

  • Liquidation Reports

  • Work Queue and WIP Reports

  • Aging and ATB Reports

  • Representative Performance Reports

  • Client Performance Reports

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  • Departmental, Client and Rep Overview

  • Dialer Activity

  • WIP and Work Queue Activity

  • Production Review

  • Recovery and Performance